Besides Saitama, these are the 5 strongest members of the Hero Association

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In One Punch Man’s superhero world, aside from Saint Saitama, there are still S-classes that possess tremendous power.

5. Genos

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When it comes to the power, fame and great battle scenes in One Punch Man, Genos is one of the best heroes in the series. Thanks to his cyborg body, Genos is extremely persistent and can upgrade his body to become stronger. After integrating parts from the G4 fighting robot, Genos’s speed and power also experienced a massive increase.

Genos’s abilities include the power to fire powerful rays of heat from his arms, the ability to move at the speed of sound, as well as limited flying ability. Genos also had previous experience in fighting evil organizations and villains, contributing to pushing him to the S-Class. He is currently ranked as the 14th leading hero.

4. Metal Knight 

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Metal Knight, aka Dr. Bofoi, is one of the most powerful and influential members of the Hero Association. As the sixth-ranked hero, Metal Knight uses many powerful robots to fight on his behalf and has the strongest firepower among the S-Class heroes.

Metal Knight is so powerful that even the Hero Association lists him as a potential threat if he turns away from the association.

3. Superalloy Darklight

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Superalloy Darklight is one of the most formidable heroes in the series. Compared to other S-Class heroes, Darklight can be the strongest in pure physical strength and endurance. Darklight’s body is so durable that he can resist attacks from threats that grant demons without suffering any damage.In some cases, his body may even repel certain physical attacks. He is also fast enough and strong enough to face Dragon-level threats like Carnage Kabuto, and can easily defeat the Deep Sea King without effort. Like Saitama, Darklight gains his current ability by going through intense training.

2. Bang

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Although old age but Bang or Silver Fang still deserves the rankings as one of the top three heroes. The founder of Water Stream Rock Smashing Fist, Bang is one of the strongest martial artists in the world. He is one of the few heroes capable of defeating Dragon-level threats without sweating.

Physical strength, durability, speed and accuracy of the State outperform other S-Class heroes such as Atomic Samurai and Metal Bat. He is also one of the few heroes who can rival an awakened Garou in a physical battle.

1. Tatsumaki

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If Saitama is the strongest hero in physical strength, Tatsumaki easily becomes the strongest when it comes to mental strength. Thanks to his powerful super abilities, Tatsumaki has won the second heroic position of the hero association. When using his psychic powers, Tatsumaki can create spiritual barriers, the ability to fly at superhuman speed.

Even with her full strength, she easily prevented some large missiles moving at high speed and returned them with more force. In addition, it is possible to eliminate the powers of other espers, as well as lift the entire city off the ground. In the anime, Tatsumaki has shown enough ability and access to his power to summon a giant meteor from space.


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