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unnamed file 104 - Oppai Hoodies

Back again with another figure review, this time of Saitama from One Punch Man. Let’s see how well his figure stacks up after the jump.

Everything shown above is what you get in the box: 7 extra hands, an extra pair of crossed arms, a (very tiny) cup with the Hero Association logo on it, an extra, more serious head, and of course the figma stand. Like the previous Bloodborne Hunter review, he doesn’t come with a whole lot, but this time the price is much more reasonable. I honestly can’t come up with much more in ways of accessories, but another head for the famous “Okay” panel would have been cool. Still, you get both sides of Saitama here so I think this is fine.

unnamed file 105 - Oppai Hoodies

The size is about on par with other male figures in the Figma line at around 6 inches tall. His cape is pretty wide, so he does take up a bit of shelf space compared to some others, but overall, if you have a figma already you know what to expect.

unnamed file 106 - Oppai Hoodies

I want to take a minute to talk about the cape real quick before I get into the rest of the figure. You can take off the cape, or move the two flaps if he’s wearing it for posing however you like, and blends pretty well with each half so it looks good. The big thing I’m not too fond of, is how you take it off and on:

unnamed file 107 - Oppai Hoodies
unnamed file 108 - Oppai Hoodies

The cape is attached on thanks to a very small, very hard to see clear peg. It looks fine on the figure, but you have to remove the peg if you ever want to attach him to the stand or remove the cape all together. I honestly almost lost it while taking photos, and had I not found it I would have had no way to attach the cape without the stand. While if you’re super careful that shouldn’t be a problem, that seems like a pretty easy way to screw yourself over. Personally, I would have preferred if it attached in some way with just the cape itself with indents or something, just so there’s no middle man between the figure and cape. I’d also be okay with just having the cape always on, but I do think it’s nice you have the option here.

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unnamed file 109 - Oppai Hoodies


Saitama is one of those figures with a simple enough design that nothing really gets in the way of posing. Other than when you have the cape on, he’s got a completely free range of motion and the joints don’t feel loose. With the cape he’s a little harder to stand on his own, but it’s definitely doable. And as mentioned, the cape can be posed as well so you can honestly make just about any pose work with a little balancing or help from the stand. His cup even has removable ‘liquid’ if you want to pose him having finished a cup of tea, which I think is an insane level of detail.

The sculpt is just as good, with it even having wrinkles in his suit. Granted his design is pretty simplistic, but I think they did a good job with his jump to 3D, so no complaints here.

unnamed file 110 - Oppai Hoodies


Overall, I’d honestly say Saitama here a pretty solid figure. Just think about maybe investing in a GPS tracker for the peg, you don’t want to lose that.

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