Garou Fights With The Former Teacher Bang In One Punch Man Season 2

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Garou will encounter his former teacher Bang in the final episodes of One Punch Man 2. This promises to be the most anticipated battle of this season.

In season 2 of the most popular animated series One Punch Man, all attention has been shifted from Saitama to a completely new character, Garou

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                                  One-Punch Man is one of the most popular fan movies in the world, although only two seasons have been released.

In this section, the audience witnessed Garou on his journey to destroy his hero. He claimed that even though he was a human being, he admired monsters and would stand for them. What makes many people excited is that when Garou is identified as a former student of the State, and in the next episodes, the teacher will try to save his pupil, even using force to stop him. In the final episodes of Season 2, it seems that the battle of these two characters will happen when the State finally finds Garou.

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                                                           Viewers will witness the match of Garou and his former Bang teacher.

After he alone destroyed the encirclement of 5 other heroes, Garou was almost exhausted. At this time, he encountered Genos, a student of Saitama

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However, Bang appeared in time. Garou almost collapsed when he heard his teacher. On the Bang side, when he saw the old pupil nearly collapsed, he just wanted to put an end to him.

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                                                     Garou encountered Genos before the Bang appeared.

Before the landslide occurred, Bang recalled the memory of the first time the two met and the times he trained for his student. However, Garou brushed it all off and challenged him, even though he was suffering from his injuries. He is no longer the same person that Bang used to spend his time teaching. His purpose and attitude changed.

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                                                                  Garou was no longer the State boy who taught.

After this meeting, Bang will definitely be more determined than ever to change the path Garou has chosen, even if that means he must take his former student’s life.

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                                                                       Bang will definitely not hold back to the former pupil.


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