Interesting Little-Known Details About OPM Characters

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In One-Punch Man, there are countless interesting characters that leave an impression on the audience. However, sometimes these characters have little time to “occupy the wave” and almost no one knows more about them. Let’s One Punch Man Store see more about these characters.

Death Gatling 

Murata originally planned to paint Death Gatling in a feminine style, but ended up choosing a Western style

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Golden Ball is the first A-level hero to injure Garou, the second being the Spring Mustachio

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Heavy Tank Loincloth
If not counting the Secret Mask and 3 disciples of the Atomic Samurai, Heavy Tank Loincloth is the owner of the highest rank of A rank

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There are many rumors that Zombieman is the weakest of the S-Class heroes (not counting King, of course, the strongest King on Earth is unquestionable)

Zombieman’s blood tasted so bad that he himself felt it was almost impossible to swallow

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Carnage Kabuto

Dr. Genus has a small Carnage Kabuto doll hanging in his home, showing that he still respects his strongest creativity. Murata claimed that Carnage Kabuto could be easily cloned

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The rankings that Saitama once received were Category C rank 338; Grade C 352; C class 5; C class 2; C class 1; Grade B, category 101; Grade B 63; Grade B 33; B rank 7 and Grade A grade 39 (in ONE version)

Saitama worked part-time for a convenience store before he became a hero

The battle between Saitama and the Beast King lasted for 58 seconds

The battle between Saitama and Kombu Infinity lasted a total of 1 second. However, Kombu Infinity is the first mysterious creature not killed in the confrontation with Saitama, many people mistakenly thought that Saitama killed Kombu Infinity and took seaweed on his head. The truth is it is still alive Saitama loves to eat hot pot

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Crablante is the first mysterious creature to be defeated and killed by Saitama Crablante is the first Tiger threat monster to appear in the movie
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Maiko Plasma 

Drums associated with Maiko Plasma are likely related to Raijin, a Shinto storm god, who is often depicted having drums attached to him to create thunder.

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Bakugan is the only enemy that Saitama defeated in his human form and killed in his monster form
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