Saitama “helpless” In Killing The Mosquito For This Simple Reason

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Owning a dead punch doesn’t understand why Saitama can’t kill … the mosquito.

So far, Saitama’s power in or even known as One-Punch Man is still a mystery that no one can explain. With a simple punch, the bald head can completely destroy any enemy easily. However, no matter how powerful the leader is, Saitama still has an opponent he cannot punch and kill for death. The opponent is … the mosquito, which is very normal and familiar to most of us. Why can our Holy Saints take down any horribly powerful monsters but can’t do a mosquito? The fun explanation that I will mention below is fun but it makes sense! So let’s review and discuss it together.

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In Saitama’s first battle with … the mosquito, we saw him fail completely, the mosquito did not die, nor was he injured. Can you understand that it is impossible for Sai to hit a mosquito? The cause may be because of his speed and power bald in a very high realm. Sai’s strong and fast slamming caused a huge wind pressure, which inadvertently blew the mosquito out at a faster rate and this pressure could not harm the mosquito. So the more powerful Sai smashed, the faster it would be that the mosquitoes would never hit.

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However, if the object is larger than the wind pressure, it will be crushed by Sai. And we can easily hit mosquitoes because of the smaller wind pressure, which makes it easier to hit mosquitoes.

Of course, this is just a fun explanation of the writer, but after being released, there were many fans who brought in the comments as follows:

– Mosquito: Rank 1 SS level, has the power to move with fast speed, teleport, …

– The reason Sai smashed does not hit the mosquito because the mosquito is using the ultra instinct state …

– You don’t know the mosquito above god.

– Thought that the mosquito sucked his blood bald, so he had bald power.

What do you think about this case, please share your opinion!

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