Some Tips To Keep You Healthy Like Saitama

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Saitama is a simple and naive man despite the fact that he is a superhero who easily defeats any opponent with a punch in One Punch Man. Saitama’s landslide punch can cause tsunamis and intercontinental shockwaves or punch to death any bad guy who takes his punch. The power of “holy bulging” comes from the hard work of training,

100 days of belly-bending,

100 push-ups,

10km of running to the point of losing all hair and becoming the strongest in 3 years of hard training.

It is not unusual to say that Saitama is always considered the most powerful superhero character in the manga/anime world. Even more, many people believe that Saitama deserves to stand on par with the famous superheroes of DC and Marvel and if forced to fight, Saitama is sure to win unless he is unable to fly in the air.

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Read on here, do you want to achieve the mighty power like Saitama? Of course, you won’t be able to get the punch of a sorrowful god but at least you will have a physique, muscular body as he does. Just work hard with the following exercise, your dream will not be far away!

JaxBlade – a coach who regularly shares training tips on personal Youtube pages gives us an exercise to get a standard body like Saitama:

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In addition, there are some notes as follows:

1. In addition to exercising, you must maintain a good diet and good rest to allow your body to rest and recover.

2. This exercise helps to encourage you to get into the exercise routine, remember to pay attention to breaking up the exercises, then work on each part and then combine to get the desired result.

3. The metabolism and development of the body vary between people.

4. Of course, this practice will not help you become the strongest but will definitely have a nice shape if you work hard.

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