The 5 Most Powerful Villains Who Have Ever Confronted Saitama

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Besides an extremely strong Saitama hero, the villains in One Punch Man are not weak either!

5. Speed-O-Sound Sonic / Sonic Super Stick

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In One-Punch Man, even though there is absolutely no door to fight against Saitama, Speed-O-Sound Sonic is always on the list of the world’s strongest One Punch Man. Speed-o’-Sound Sonic is also one of the highest rated characters in speed. He also has great fun when facing opponents stronger than him. Since the first defeat to Saitama, Sonic has undergone intense training to someday cross the saint. In addition to his speed, Sonic uses shinobi’s excellent techniques in battle. One has confirmed that when holding weapons, Sonic is strong enough to defeat Deep Sea King in dehydration form.

4. Carnage Kabuto

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Considered to be the most terrible monster of the “New Age House”, Kabuto Carnage possesses a cruel character to the point of Dr. Genus Clone had to lock him down to the deepest level of the building. He was so “terrible” that he defeated Genos in just one punch. After defeating Genos and seeing Saitama’s trivial appearance, Carnage Kabuto showed disdain. However, after only one move, this monster had to reevaluate when he realized the “terrible” of the Holy Puff. Instinct urges him to run away if he wants the whole network. But Kabuto’s Carnage is not trivial, in order to defeat Saitama, he has made 100 fortifications and become a form of Asura Mode with an aggressive battle that will last for a week. However, this is still not enough, the only thing Saitama is concerned about is the special discount day.

3. Orochi

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In One Punch Man, Orochi and monster king, the leader of the monster association and also the strongest monster of the monster association, they are plotting to invade the nectar, wiping out the species to become those who rule this world.

Orochi was originally a human but was turned into a monster by the extraterrestrial Gyoro Gyoro. Orochi can turn his body into a large block of dragons or condense into a human form. Orochi can also create powerful flames for attack and defense. This villain is very intelligent and has the ability to instantly master the opponent’s moves. He is also one of the few villains smart enough to deduce Saitama’s true power.

2. Garou

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Garou is a mysterious villain who has developed both a passion for monsters and a deep hatred for monsters who kill monsters. Garou became a disciple of a Class S – Bang martial arts master and hero and became his best disciple. Later, Garou was deported for damaging other practitioners. Then Garou starts hunting down heroes to satisfy his thoughts.

As a top boxer and tactical genius, Garou can fight S-class heroes in an equal manner if not said to be even better if compared to superhuman strength, speed, and sense. In addition, Garou possesses great strength and stamina. This allows him to withstand strong blows, heat, energy, poison and speed recovery.

1. Lord Boros

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Dubbed the lord of the galaxy, the leader of the “dark matter” gangster, Boros is probably the strongest villain in the series from the beginning to the present. Legend has it that Boros has been wandering the universe for the past 20 years, destroying many planets just to find out who has the power to fight back. And finally, right on Earth, Boros met the “rival” of his life, the Saitama Holy Ball. This is probably the most expensive battle for Saitama and he must say “you’re strong”.

The mystery of Boros’s power lies in being born on a planet with a harsh environment, Boros’s species possesses the most powerful resilience in the universe. He was so strong that he “flew” Saitama to the Moon, the only person who could force the Saint to use the “continuous punching” technique and the “Super Serious”. This is also the way to defeat Boros.


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