Who is Blast ? What Happened To Blast In One-Punch Man?

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Blast’s existence is one of One-Punch Man’s most curious mysteries. In fact, why does Blast never show up?

Who is Blast in one punch man?

This person’s name drew attention because Blast is said to be the greatest hero in the world, a character ranked 1 among S One-Punch Man heroes.

But Blast is also very mysterious. As much as any crisis to date, from the arrival of Boros to Lord Orochi, Blast was never present.

In fact, what happened to Blast in one punch man?

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I have a theory, but this one is based on Blast’s appearance in ONE’s One-Punch Man webcom which has a more advanced plot than the version drawn by Yusuke Murata.

So, beware of spoilers.

In the webcomic version of One-Punch Man, Blast appears in chapter 106 although his face is still unclear.

What we can conclude from Blast’s appearance on this webcomic is:

The Saitama theory is Blast proved to be inaccurate. Blast helped Tatsumaki around 18 years ago. Saitama’s age is now 28, so if it was Saitama then it was only 10 when the scene above happened. Besides, remember: when Saitama helped King about 1.5 to 3 years ago, Saitama still had hair. Saitama hasn’t been the One-Punch Man for too long.

-Blast is not a fake hero like King. Tatsumaki could see Blast’s action behind his captive door. Blast’s own actions seem to impress Tatsumaki’s heart, though Tatsumaki misinterpreted Blast’s advice. (Blast actually becomes a loner and discourages anyone from reaching out.)

There are moments where Blast is an aggressive hero usually fights. So, Blast’s disappearance is becoming a mystery.

What happened to Blast in One-Punch Man?

I enjoyed Blast’s words to Tatsumaki.

Blast says that he works like a hero, but actually he has a decent job to do.

Blast becomes a hero because of a hobby.

Considering ONE’s logic in composing stories, I’ve been thinking about why Blast has disappeared so far is really simple:

I feel, chances are, Blast is just tired right now just being a hero.

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Yes, I think, this Blast might have a real power greater than all S class heroes (I don’t know if Blast is as strong as Saitama or not).

From the very beginning Blast saw working heroes as a hobby.

Then 18 years passed. With this level of strength, I think Blast will quickly get frustrated when facing enemies much weaker than me.

So Blast, who is already old, decides to focus on his work instead of becoming a hero. After all, so far Blast has no reason to return as a hero. The heroes (especially Saitama) always successfully complete the incoming monsters.

Other possibilities: Blast feeling there was an alternate hero?

Is that another possibility I’m thinking of?

Blast feels he is not needed, because there are heroes who can overcome threats.

It’s worth remembering: until two years before the One-Punch Man story, Blast was still active. Blast fights Elder Centipede and nearly kills the giant monster.

But in the present age, Blast has never appeared.

I feel it’s possible Blast has found another hero who can do his job as the world’s most powerful hero, while he continues to focus on his work.

Who is the replacement hero of Blast?

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I don’t know if they met, maybe Saitama wouldn’t realize it either, but I feel Blast has seen Saitama and he thinks this Saitama hero’s power can take the place. mine.

Saitama’s estimate of helping King (when Saitama was still hair) was 1.5 years to 3 years ago, so Blast’s disappearance is actually in line with Saitama’s appearance as One-Punch Man.

Another possibility is: Blast feels that that person is King, “the strongest man in the world”. Since there are such heroes, Blast focuses on his work and will only return if all the heroes lose.

That’s my analysis of what happened to Blast in One-Punch Man.

What do you think of Blast in One-Punch Man? Leave your comments in the comments and don’t forget to share this post as a thank you to me!


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