Genshin Impact Official Merchandise Sales Are Open!

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The Genshin Impact store is now open to sell official merchandise for the first time. We have a range of T-shirts, stickers and phone cases available in a few different styles. You can find them in the Shop section in the header, or click here to go straight to the store! We ship internationally, but if you’re unsure about shipping costs, just drop us an email and we’ll get back to you as soon as we can.

1.  What sort of merchandise is available?

There are many different types of merchandise available. For example, you can get t-shirts, mugs, tote bags, bandanas, and even playing cards. Whatever you like, you can find it!
Now, if you’re at all interested in purchasing goods that we’ve curated from other stores, we have that as well. There are a few items available here regularly, and we’re always looking to expand.
There are certain items that we can’t send out immediately. We’re sometimes waiting on stock from other stores. The Tracker Logbook is a notebook in classic purple cover that we’ve been selling for a few years. Though very small in size, it’s one of our bestselling products and has made a huge impact on our collectors. We’ve expanded the edition range over the past year or so; we have the whole notebook and even a pocket edition, available in a few different colors and styles. We have a couple of different packs available, one of which we currently have shipping to the UK but that we’ll be expanding very soon. All mugs are currently shipping from Hong Kong. All patches are now shipping from the US, however, UK customers can still purchase some coveted patches from our stock list when they’re available. Our mugs are printed on high-quality leatherette and come in a variety of sizes. All of these items are sourced from Japan, and we’re excited to share that more brands are starting to find their way here as well.
We also have a range of stickers & stubs as well as two fun new items that are on the way as soon as possible. Exciting! Oh, and there’s a two-person mural that’s currently being finished up and should be live in a few days.


2.  Where is the store?

Google Maps makes it easy to find out where a store is. If you’re looking for a store that sells a particular product, just enter the name of the product into the Google Maps search bar. The results will show you the location of the closest stores.


3.  How do you order?

You normally order from the menu.  When you do so, you will be “seated” and given a menu.  You will be given a number, and the server will come take your order.  They will then bring you your food.  When you are finished with your meal, you will be given a check.If you aren’t quite looking to dine in, we provide a delivery service with a coupon code!
If you’re interested to see a list of the products, drop a message on our Genshin Merch
Here is a sneak preview of what you can expect:
Over-the-top tank tops with amazing prints
sports jersey
These products are not limited to just the store, we also have friends selling these products online.
Ok, so maybe it’s not the most exciting store opening, but we’re filled with enthusiasm, and the shop is going to provide a good buzz as soon as it’s open!
A small note: We do house our computers and monitor, so if you’re coming in and the power comes on, you’ll probably want to turn the lights down. Otherwise, we will have power strips (though were kind enough to supply them ourselves) to prevent us from losing any data.
The store is located in the midst of SoHo in a pleasant neighbourhood.
(We are assuming that SEO readers will think better of places with artistic street names, but I’m nearly positive that you won’t mind the address!)
Would you like to come visit the store and see the goods before they’re available for purchase?


4.  Shipping costs?

Shipping costs can be brutal.  When I started my business, I had no idea that shipping costs could be so high.  I just thought it was included in the price that I paid to the manufacturer.  I didn’t realize that shipping costs could be much higher than what I paid to the manufacturer.Plus, whenever a customer orders a product, they have to pay additional import duties and taxes, and this costs money to the company too!  My company runs on word of mouth, which means that the clients that I attract stay with me and come back to buy more products from me.  If you can set up a kick-ass store with amazing customer service that attract happy clients and convert, you are bound to have success in life!
Now most stores only sell the official merchandise.  So if you’re new to the industry and need something to get going with, or you’re a loveicted seller and need some merch to promote the home products you have, we sell shirts from the graphic novels Genshin Impact has been famous for selling!
Available in most sizes.
*I would say in the US it’d probably fit about a UK 8 (how big do men’s XL shirts usually go in the UK?)
Genshin Impact Merchandise
For all you teenage girls out there, it’s time to get on your favorite boy band fan for some merch.  Genshin Impact’s Taekwondo t-shirts and sweatshirts come in kid-sized options (anything under a XXL will fit through our sizing), and DVD cases and stickers are available in the format of cubes.


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