The Father Of One Punch Man Story Author Died

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Not only is the sad news of the family but it is also the mourning of many Japanese comic fans around the world. One-Punch Man will be suspended indefinitely for Yuusuke Murata’s family story.

One Punch Man is currently one of the favorite comic books from the Japanese manga community. The work was so successful that it was adapted to an anime and has now been a lot of success. However, fans of this manga recently received sad news from the author.

Sad news for Japanese comic fans.

Recently, the younger brother of the famous One Punch Man series, Yuusuke Murata, announced that both of his biological father had died. Soon after, on his own Twitter, Yuusuke Murata officially announced this information.

unnamed file 55 - Oppai Hoodies                                                             Notice from Yuusuke Murata’s younger brother.

unnamed file 4 - Oppai Hoodies

                                                           Yuusuke Murata’s status line on the personal page.

Not only is the sad news for Yuusuke Marata’s family, but the information also makes the world of Japanese comics enthusiasts extremely sorry.

Will this series be suspended indefinitely?

Although there has been no official announcement so far from the author and Shueisha publisher, most fans of the One Punch Man manga have anticipated that this popular series will be postponed indefinitely. The term for mangaka (manga author) takes care of his father.

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About the One Punch Man comic

One-Punch Man tells about the Saitama guy with extraordinary power when he can defeat any monster with a “dead thrust”. Content with the main character-shaping is simple but the series attracted the attention of many comic fans. Not only makes readers love because of the simple, charming situations that One Punch Man also gives readers a lot of meaning behind the true life of Japan: pressing, restricting people, life living in bondage, people’s prejudices about a different person like Saitama.

One Punch Man comes from a webcomic series composed by ONE author. Impressed by the interesting content and style of “Holy bulging”, painter Yusuke Murata discussed with author ONE to illustrate this Webcomic and turn it into a popular cult manga. The sudden sad news from Yuusuke Marata’s family made many fans heartbroken. Because it is certain that readers will have to wait a long time to meet this superhero series again. Hopefully, the author will soon overcome this loss to soon return to the One Punch Man comic.


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