When Saitama Fought Against Thanos – Who Will Be The Winner?

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After the fiery infinite battle between the Avengers and Thanos, Saitama’s “holy bulge” appeared in battle with the strongest evil man in the galaxy.

Thanos’s seismic power is not necessary, one can easily make all the famous “superpowers” superheroes be able to take him back. To find the answer to this answer, check out the video about the great war between Thanos of Avengers: Infinity War and Saitama bliss in One Punch Man. It is known that this video is a famous youtuber Mightyraccoon! created, this is a dedicated account to share self-designed videos on superhero themes.

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At the beginning of the clip, the eye catches that Captain America’s shield is broken in half, the superheroes are lying, gore is scattered on the ground. The most heartbreaking thing is the image of Thanos holding his hand and crushing Iron Man and dropping it like a scrap of iron. Then when Thanos put on the infinite gloves that were filled with infinite stones, he looked at it in a satisfied manner when suddenly a new hero appeared. That is Saitama – the famous person with an invincible punch to beat that victory. For those who do not know, Saitama’s landslide punch can cause tsunamis and intercontinental shockwaves or punch to death any bad guy who takes his punch. The power of “holy bulging” comes from the hard work of training, 100 days of belly-bending, 100 push-ups, 10km of running to the point where the hair is lost and becomes the strongest. It is not unusual to say that Saitama is always considered the most powerful superhero character in the manga / anime world. Even more, many people believe that Saitama deserves to stand on par with the famous superheroes of DC and Marvel and if forced to fight, Saitama is sure to win unless he is unable to fly in the air.

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Because of this “superhuman” power, many people tried to bring Saitama and Thanos to the competition. The biggest question before this powerful couple clashes is whether Saitama will be able to cope with the strongest super-evil man in the galaxy? Especially when he possesses the power of 6 infinity stones? However, all worries seemed redundant when looking at the video, Saitama had to go over and over again for Thanos to inhale a few times. At the end of the video, the battle between the two has not yet won, so the audience must wait until the second part is released to know who is the stronger. Evaluate a bit, this clip although the 3D effect is not really smooth, but the battle scenes are extremely beautiful and impressive, for the fans made, this is an acceptable clip. already.

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