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Why Isn’t Saitama Onepunch Man Recognized As An S Rank Hero?

There are questions as to why Saitama one punch man is not recognized as an S-rank hero. In fact, Saitama’s achievements are still recognized. That’s why Saitama was able to go from C class to B class. In the webcomic version, Saitama one punch man ONE even became an A rank hero. But Saitama’s speed […]

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Dragon-level Monsters That Saitama Defeated With One Punch

Had Saitama not existed, the world of One-Punch Man could have been destroyed more quickly. Monsters often appear in Saitama’s whereabouts. Some monsters really have great potential with destructive power, such as Dragon level monsters. Dragon level monsters are one of the most dangerous levels that exist in the One Punch Man world. But there […]

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Fubuki In One-Punch Man Deserves To Be An A-rank Hero

In terms of strength, Fubuki in One-Punch Man really deserves an A rank hero. She herself even seemed to realize this. In episode 2 of One-Punch Man season 2, Fubuki revealed that she wanted to feel number one, as she was always overshadowed by Tatsumaki. Fubuki thinks that the safe highest position to reach number […]

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Power Levels Of Superheroes In One Punch Man

In the world of One Punch Man, superheroes are individuals who fight for justice against all the dangers of the world. They also protect innocent civilians from all harm against natural disasters, Mystery Creatures, Villains and other threats. Most heroes are registered with the Hero Association and are divided into four classes: From lowest to […]

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Is Saitama As Fast As Light?

One Punch Man is a big name in Anime World. One Punch Man’s popularity and fan base – Selling nearly 20 million Manga copies in 2019. One punch man anime is just as popular. It received a lot of praise for its uniqueness in character design, animation quality, humor, and battle scenes. Anime fans always […]

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Top 7 Most Powerful Esper One Punch Man

One Punch Man’s world has its own uniqueness. One of them was the presence of espers – the most powerful One Punch Man espers – they were not like other heroes with strong bodies or high speed, but they were blessed with spiritual strength. Of course each of them has its own level of spiritual […]

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Who is Blast ? What Happened To Blast In One-Punch Man?

Blast’s existence is one of One-Punch Man’s most curious mysteries. In fact, why does Blast never show up? Who is Blast in one punch man? This person’s name drew attention because Blast is said to be the greatest hero in the world, a character ranked 1 among S One-Punch Man heroes. But Blast is also […]


One Punch Man – Release Date, Cast And Plot

One-Punch Man¬†(Japanese:¬†„ÉĮ„É≥„ÉĎ„É≥„Éě„É≥,¬†Hepburn:¬†Wanpanman)¬†is a Japanese¬†superhero¬†franchise created by the artist¬†ONE. It tells the story of¬†Saitama, a¬†superhero¬†who can defeat any opponent with a single punch but seeks to find a worthy foe after growing bored by a lack of challenge due to his overwhelming strength. ONE wrote the original¬†webcomic¬†version in early 2009, and it quickly grew in popularity, […]


What’s New In One Punch Man Season 3?

¬†One Punch Man season 3 is an extremely popular anime that is popular with young people. So in this part 3 will One Punch Man promise? The second season of One-Punch Man ended a few months back, and fans are already waiting for One Punch Man Season 3. One-Punch Man is a very popular Japanese […]

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