7 Reasons Why One Punch Man Is Popular

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Are you tired of about ten thousand anime, comic and movie superheroes that have appeared so far? However, One Punch Man is the most attractive superhero anime and surely you are one of millions of people waiting to see each episode.

Here are 7 reasons for One Punch Man, the super-popular manga / anime series to conquer readers and audiences around the world

1. The main character is a weird superhero guy

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The main character Saitama can defeat any super powerful enemy with a single punch, making him one of the strongest characters in the anime world.

2. Strange but wonderful plot

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The main character is trained to become a superhero and eventually he can defeat any opponent with just one punch. But unfortunately his hair is also lost, so the nickname of the bald Cloak is humorous.

3. One-Punch Man never leaves its original nature: Humor

unnamed file 149 - Oppai HoodiesFunny sayings in the One-Punch Man anime are as dense as battle scenes, and if you feel stressed, see One-Punch Man as the best way to forget a gloomy day.

4. Extremely attractive match

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The attraction here is due to the vividness of every detail from Saitama’s battle, how to swing his arms, swing his legs, to the heavenly punch. Even the battle scenes drawn in manga are vivid, specific, details are judged to be even better in anime!

5. Real life lessons are worth learning

7 Reasons Why One Punch Man Is Popular

There are qualities in Saitama that we all admire and love. He did not like to be a superhero because of his name. He did not care how people rated, “drowned” me. As long as you find yourself wrong.

6.The main character is not satisfied when I become too strong

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After becoming too strong, Saitama feels bored in his battles and tries to find stronger opponents to fight. A superhero became unhappy just because he was too strong. This is strange. It is this “jubilance” that makes Saitama’s adventure more attractive.

7. The most important, most serious thing, Saitama is like a part of the people of all of us

7 Reasons Why One Punch Man Is Popular

He is “the same” as many other people. For example, the fact that he felt unjust when the whole city was destroyed but the house of the old landlord was still intact.

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