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It can be said that there are few anime movies with many superheroes like One Punch Man. Look back at the most representative characters in this association.

1. Blast

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Blast has a dark gray hair and wears a hero suit with a similar cloak like Saitama. However, unlike Saitama’s suit, Blast has a vertical zipper. No one knows the details of the power of Blast but the highest ranked hero of the hero association – it can be said that Blast is a powerful S-rank hero.Blast is the first known hero in opm, as evidenced by the fact that he fought monsters 15 years before the Association was born.


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As a petite girl, it is often mistaken for much younger than reality. She has a juvenile face with emerald green eyes and natural green hair curled up. She wears a black dress that fits well with long sleeves and four slits showing off her legs and wearing low-heeled black shoes. With enormous power, Tatsumaki is completely confident in his abilities. During the S-Class meeting to prepare for the rescue of Narinki’s son, she announced many times that no monster had a chance against him. As the 2nd S rank hero, Tatsumaki is extremely strong. She is one of the strongest heroes in general and the most powerful esper alive. Fubuki described her as a monster like the Sweet Mask (who chose not to advance from the A-Class to the S-Class to prevent the weak from climbing the ranks). Darklight once told Garou that if he fought Tatsumaki in the form of pre-monsters, he would immediately lose.

3. Silver Fang

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Despite old age, Bang possesses incredible physical strength, far ahead of an average hero, even for the S-Class standard. The state has been shown to be able to destroy meteorites with their bare hands. He can defeat two Dragon-level monsters immediately, which most S-Class heroes cannot do. The state is strong enough to create a giant crater in the battle with Garou and deal fatal damage to him despite his mercy. As Bang prepares to fight the maximum power against Elder Centipede, his muscles increase in size and even his veins are visible. Combining his powers with his brother Bomb, Bang was able to ruin Elder Centipede’s original carapace armor (which could be against the Metal Knight’s missiles and the iron-kun baseball Metal Bat).

4. Atomic samurai

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Atomic samurai has long black hair tied at the top. He has black eyes and prominent jaws. He looked like a goat when he was often seen chewing a grass. The outfit consists of a red hooded cloak with an atomic symbol on his back hanging from his open black haori. Beneath the haori is a traditional, loose white robe tied with a white towel and two haori. He also brought a pair of swords in his left hip. Samurai is considered one of the strongest S-class, as well as the hero’s strongest backup hero. He is also considered the strongest Swordsman on Earth.

5.Child Emperor

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The young emperor is the professional hero of the 5th Class S-Class. So far, the youngest hero in the Hero Association. he has his own laboratory at Y-City. The young emperor was a boy with short brown hair and big amber eyes. He wore a pale blue shirt with dark blue shorts, orange sneakers and a school bag on his back, often seen with a lollipop. . As a high-class S-rank hero, make sure that the Emperor is very strong. However, due to age and machine usage, it is possible that his high rank in the S-Class is mainly due to brain power, like Metal Knight, instead of physical strength. Through their tactics and equipment, the Child Emperor can defeat a myriad of Monsters on their own whether through guerrilla warfare or face-to-face combat.

6. Bofoi

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Dr. Bofoi, is the S-Class hero for the Hero Association. He provides many services for heroic associations, such as weapons financing and facility construction. Bofoi has white hair and a big nose. He was seen or wearing a lab coat over his blue shirt. Bofoi acts primarily through the use of robots from a safe distance. We have seen his two robots. The first one has a large size, the ability to fly with strong firepower attached. The second one is much smaller, is about the size of a human and has no visible weapons, which can be used for reconnaissance. True 6th the Dr. Superhero Bofoi is mainly due to the brain power and the power of weapons, contrary to his own physical strength. According to Gyoro Gyoro, Bofoi is one of four heroes who can defeat Elder Centipede. Despite this, he was unable to defeat the monster when fighting with his unmanned aircraft.

7. Kings

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Although he is not the highest ranked hero of the Hero Association, he is considered to be the strongest man on Earth, and it is through this power that he receives many compliments and respect. from fellow heroes. His power is so frightening that criminals and mysterious creatures will often surrender before having to fight him. King can easily take the “in game” Saitama, and he is unrivaled in e-sports.

8. Zombieman

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Described as “a man who cannot die”, Zombieman possesses one of the most powerful rebirth abilities in the series. He can regenerate any part of his body no matter how serious the wound is, and he can heal his broken arm immediately. He can keep moving even if there is no head or inner part. However, his rebirth does not give the Zombieman complete immortality, he will die if chopped. Simulating the genocide system (VGS) shows that Zombieman is able to withstand the attack from Kabuto’s Carnage beetle and regenerates from just one head, although Genos believes the data is somewhat unreliable due to Zombieman’s unusual body.

9. Pig God

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Pig god is a large, obese man with many layers of fat. He has short brown hair, big lips and often wears a green long-sleeved shirt. He seems to be a glutton, as he is constantly caught eating during the S-Class meeting. Likes to solve things directly, or simply lazy, when he slams through a building instead of walking around it, however, the Pig God is a very caring person.

There is not much information about the ability of the Pig God. However, like other heroes in the S-class, he can defeat a mysteriously-level monster, when he proves with his quick and easy victory over Eyesight. However, he was unable to defeat Dragon-level monsters like Gums, and was defeated in a single blow from Garou when he awoke.

10.  Engine Knight

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 Knight has long black hair and a white mask. His mask has a unique horizontal slot for the eye, one can see a single red eye in the middle of the slot. Below his mouth were three small vertical slots. His armor is quite simple, similar to the medieval black knight’s armor As an S-Class hero, the Drive Knight is definitely strong. He can easily defeat a group of Mysterious Creatures. Sekingar once said that Drive Knight never lost the previous battle. His reputation was enough to make the Hero Association nervous when he could not contact before the battle with the Monster Association.

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