Genos “Reappears” With Impressive Strikes But Is Still Defeated By A Meter

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In Episode 6 One-Punch Man Season 2 titled “The Uprising of the Monsters”, Genos is extremely cool when killing monsters in the blink of an eye. One-Punch Man season 2 was much more surprising than the previous fans’ trailers and speculations. However, after six episodes were released, there was a clear downside to the One-Punch Man season 2, which was not enough land for Genos!

Saitama’s pupil – Saitama’s pupil is mostly “standing on the sidelines” when One-Punch Man Season 2 extends its scope for other major heroes and villains from the manga (Garou, Hellish Blizzard, King …). So Genos fans must have expected him to use his rank S for a more spectacular performance.

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Yes, that moment has already arrived, in the new One-Punch Man entitled “The Uprising of the Monsters”, Genos is extremely cool.

When the episode started, Genos was watching the Super Fight 22 martial arts tournament, where his teacher Saitama disguised to register to learn more about the martial arts world and the fighting techniques in it. Genos was delighted to see Saitama’s power displayed on such a large stage, but unfortunately, he did not have the opportunity to follow the game because of the scope of the Monster Association’s attack on the cities spread out very quickly.

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Upon receiving a notification message from the hero association, Genos must make a decision immediately, one is to tell Saitama what is happening or try to handle all the problems on his own. As always, Genos set Saitama’s goal first, he wanted his teacher to continue the tournament without distraction. Genos was outside to carry out the responsibility of the S-Class hero “Demon Cyborg”.

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