“One Punch Man”: Pride, Prejudice And A Thousand Pound Punch

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The work of the author duo One and Yusuke Murata is a major breakthrough in Japanese superhero comic genre. The One-Punch Man scene takes place in the city of Z, a Japanese belonging to the fictional world where monsters wear power.

When humanity is on the verge of destruction, Saitama always wants to be a superhero. He had a plan to train himself and became so strong that it was easy to defeat any creature with a single punch. However, after the skills were in the upper ranks of the champions, Saitama felt bored in his battles and always tried to find stronger opponents to fight.

Far from rumors, Saitama’s power has attracted horror monsters to his place of life, thus meeting powerful enemies, new friends, and even his own disciples, Cyborg Genos, and joining Hero Association to find reputation for themselves and enforce justice.

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Although he always fought for justice, he was not respected by the association and the people because they thought that Saitama was just an impostor. But the bald man still ignored the people, casually living with his ideal.

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From the image to the character of Saitama also left a special impression on the readers. While all the comics are racing to draw, so the main character must be unique, the One-Punch Man hero has quite simple and simple shapes.

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The way to create characters against the theory of traditional hero models is the first point to get the laughter of readers. If the former model’s heroes were all based on super cool, cold, or very naive standards, then Saitama was completely different.

He thinks and lives simply. Every day, Saitama has a time-saving price to buy supermarket goods or try to eat a lot of seaweed to regrow hair while it is an action that is not beneficial. These simple, rustic details have grated the readers gracefully, creating a specific highlight for this superhero who is not like this one.

Saitama is under great pressure from society, from the prejudices made by the Hero Association. After joining the Hero Association and seeing enough of the shortcomings of this system, Saitama no longer cared for reputation. Not clear for the times of being robbed by others he accepted to be a silent hero with his ideal. Saitama only lives simply because of two things: protecting the earth and finding an opponent who won’t be defeated after the first punch.

The villains in One-Punch Man reflect essentially the evil sins of humankind. Cruel, lustful, angry people all converge on the monsters that appear in each chapter of the story. The image of the hero of Saitama cloth is like a mockery of the troubles of modern Japanese society. The problem of rank, people scramble to kill a lot of monsters just to make the name appear on the glorious ivory tower. The one standing high up is arrogant, the low-level hero divides his friends into fighting each other, disregarding the safety of the people.

Righteousness is marred by vile personal thoughts while those who retain their hearts are as bright as moonlight as rare as autumn leaves. Saitama lives in the midst of those weird heroes, a hero who ranks only C rank (low rank) with strength thanks to proper diet and exercise. One-Punch Man is really a breakthrough of the superhero comic genre, the more readers will realize the many meanings. The real life of Japanese society: squeezing, restraining people, cramped life, … until everyone’s prejudices about a different person like Saitama. The talent is only a handful of recognition, Saitama still holds his own stand. Currently, the comic has been adapted into an animated film and ended the first season with very positive feedback from the audience.

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