How does Saitama Defeat Opponents Using Spiritual powers?

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One-Punch Man is one of the most popular manga series today. The plot tells the journey of fighting monsters of the protagonist Saitama. Because of being so strong, the bald guy always defeats the monsters too easily and still wishes to meet a worthy opponent.

Saitama’s power is a mystery that science in the world of One Punch Man cannot yet explain. With a simple punch, “Baldness Cloak” can completely destroy any enemy easily. Therefore, the plot is mainly for other heroes and monsters showing strength, and when Saitama attacks, the chapter is over.

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Saitama’s opponents are mostly large-handed, often smashing one thing after another, destroying entire lands or trying to kill a lot. This is not difficult for Saitama to handle. However, if confronting the supernatural forces, using spiritual power like the Fubuki sisters – Tatsumaki, how is Saitama?

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The answer to this was soon answered and happened to the original One Punch Man series of the author ONE. The bald boy fought the 1st battle against the 2nd strongest S class hero in the rankings – Tatsumaki. Despite lifting Saitama off the ground, the “Child of the Storm” had to drop down quickly because lifting Saitama was something she couldn’t sustain. Saitama himself was not severely affected, which even made him bald.

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Tatsumaki’s younger sister, Fubuki, shared that the reason why Saitama was completely resistant to spiritual energy attacks because his willpower was extremely strong. Possessing indomitable spirit and unwavering willpower makes 100% resistance to Tatsumaki-style attacks. The fact that someone uses the spiritual power to raise Saitama does not matter much, because he is not “scrap”. When lifted by Tatsumaki, Saitama did not lock his limbs and still move his body freely. Therefore, he could throw his punch towards the one who used spiritual power. By being able to exert enormous pressure and even shockwaves, people who use psychic powers are easily distracted and cannot control Saitama anymore.

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According to artist Yusuke Murata, author of the One Punch Man manga series, he believes Saitama can do even more magic. A famous example is Saitama’s once stuck in the Front of Python after fighting Boros. Even so, he rode one of them back to Earth safely. How many S class heroes are capable of this?

Even Yusuke Murata is extremely confident that … Saitama can “fart” from the butt in midair and fly straight to Earth without hesitation. Even, it is entirely possible that Saitama will easily defeat an opponent using supernatural powers by “farting” towards the opponent, that’s more than enough to win.


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