These Are The Characters Who “Bald” Saitama And Received A bitter End

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As we all know, in the latest 159 chapter of One Punch Man, Puri-Puri Prisoner suddenly awakens Garou and is defeated by a note. In addition, Flashy Flash tries to attack Saitama because we think our “bald brother” is a monster. Not only does this hero not kill Saitama, but it is also a pain in our protagonist. This episode made fans feel extremely excited and made Flashy Flash a subject of recent mockery.


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In today’s article, let’s take a look at the characters (besides Flashy Flash) who once “said” Saitama but failed and also received a bitter end!

1. Snake


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Sneck is a member of the Hero Association. As a rank 37 hero, Sneck is famous for his Biting Snake Fist. However, this guy is rather arrogant and somewhat brave-faced towards his subordinate heroes. Saitama first met Sneck after completing the Association’s entrance test. Saitama’s bad completion of the writing test, but with excellent results in the fitness section, surprised Sneck. After being “ignored” by Saitama while trying to popularize his work at the Association, Sneck became extremely angry and decided to play the “old ghost to bully new ghosts” game, and his bare face to keep his face down. However, Sneck was defeated by Saitama after a blink of an eye.

2.  Super Sonic

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Sonic Super Sonic is a villain in One Punch Man. He is known for his incredible speed and combat ability that was perfected from an early age. At the first encounter with Saitama, Sonic’s attacks are easily deflected by Sonic. This is considered unacceptable for Sonic. And after being lightly touched by Saitama on the “sensitive part”, causing the guy to tremble in pain, Sonic Super Sonic decided to practice non-stop to fight our protagonist. As a result, everyone knows that, in the next confrontation, Sonic still has to receive the bitter end on his part.

3. Fubuki

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Fubuki is also known by the nickname Hell’s Blizzard, the younger sister of 2nd-class hero S Tatsumaki. As the top ranked B-ranked hero, Fubuki possessed quite a psychic power, but her abilities were still nothing compared to her sister Tatsumaki. Because of this, Fubuki often dragged other heroes to his side to maintain his top position in B class. After realizing Saitama was a potential factor, Fubuki decided to go to his bald house to try to get him out. Pull the guy to his side. After being bluntly rejected by Saitama, Fubuki used his power to “shame” him bare. However, this plan of her completely broke when Saitama only used a small part of his ability, causing Fubuki to receive humiliating failure.

4. Garou

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Garou is the disciple of the third-class hero S – Silver Fang. After being kicked out of the dojo by Bang, Garou – who dreams of becoming a monster – calls himself the Hero Hunter and begins pouring his anger on the heroes of the Association. Garou’s first encounter with Saitama was when the bald guy was buying wigs to prepare for the martial arts festival, this villain thought Saitama was a hero (and that’s true) so he launched a The right attack on our main character. Saitama thought that Garou wanted to buy goods with him, so he “returned” with a shoulder chop and made Garou unconscious shortly afterward.

Once again, when Garou caught sight of Saitama walking with King, the villain wanted to suddenly attack “the strongest man on the planet” when the hero still hadn’t realized Garou’s presence. As soon as Garou rushed to attack King, Saitama kicked the villain away without King having to take action (if King had to move, maybe Garou’s outcome would still be pathetic).

Those are the typical characters that Saitama has “fed” after having acted “strongly” with our protagonist. In addition, there are still many other characters who once held grudges under his bare fist,


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