“Sonic The Hedgehog” will be released in February

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Originally, Sonic the Hedgehog was scheduled for release on November 8 last year. However, the opposition from Sonic fans created the studio to rethink. Director Jeff Fowler finally got the error wrong and then revealed the new release date via a picture on Twitter in which Sonic kept a board showing the new release date on February 14th.

When the original trailer for Sonic the Hedgehog came out, fans weren’t too pleased with the classic hedgehog’s design. So Paramount had to rush to reshape our protagonist. Now, with the release of the new trailer, the reactions from fans are much more positive.

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Paramount Pictures has just released a new trailer for Sonic the Hedgehog that has been completely remade after being criticized in the first trailer that Sonic is too bad!

The new Sonic we’re watching in the trailer has bigger eyes, shorter eyes, fewer teeth, and obviously a lot more cuteness. While Sonic in the old trailer with CGI technology is quite weird, more human than the Sonic in the game that many people are familiar with.

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Social Films reports that the remake trailer generated 360% more likes in the first 24 hours only. When the trailer for the movie Sonic first came out in April, it received 225,683 dislikes and only 146,263 likes in 24 hours. The dislike of the new trailer has dropped a staggering 98%, with most of the comments on the new design being positive. In the first 24 hours, the new trailer earned 672,652 likes and only 4,924 dislikes.

For the entire movie, the red hedgehog red is estimated to cost around $ 35 million. According to the website, “Sonic the Hedgehog’s initial VFX budget will range from $ 18 million to $ 31 million.” In addition, the initial budget for the film is reported to be in the range of $ 90 million. However, the latest news from Paramount has confirmed that this remake will cost them about $ 5 million, only one-seventh of the level of anticipation.

Sonic the Hedgehog (2020) Come join Sonic and his friends off to the adventures at the Green Hill. When Sonic and friends get ready for the perfect action at the Green Hill to find the 7 Chaos Emeralds. At the Death Egg, Dr. Eggman appears, he having an evil plan and defeated Sonic and friends. While Sonic and his friends defeated with Metal Sonic and Dr. Eggman and he saves the day at the Green Hill. And, don’t miss with Sonic the Hedgehog (2020), coming on February , 14.

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