Is Sweet Mask Worthy Of Being A S-rank Hero?

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Although it was never willing to level up, the power and ability of Sweet Mask were undeniable.

One Punch Man is currently one of the most popular anime-manga at the moment, so it is no surprise that Saitama’s famous name “Saint” is a lot of people known. With just a punch, up to this point, he could take down all the villains that had appeared in the story so far.

Besides the bald guy, the hero association also possesses many other remarkable “hidden dragon crouching”. Even though there are not as many performers as Saitama or Genos, they can still prove that their power is equally destructive. One of the typical characters of the main motif is the Sweet Mask model, Sweet Mask.

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As the first in class A hero class, Sweet Mask is stronger than all the other A-class heroes. According to the official comparison scale, an A-rank hero or 5-rank B hero can kill Tiger-level hazards. The dangers at this level and the A-class heroes all have quite impressive power when they can break walls, shake the ground or even smash steel. However, the power of Sweet Mask was even more so.

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According to class 1 hero B, Fubuki, Sweet Mask is the one who blocks the door so that 3 disciples of the Atomic Samurai cannot get to the S rank. Conditions to be promoted in the One Punch Man world, heroes You must climb to the # 1 position of that class before you can be nominated to level up. However, Sweet Mask doesn’t like those weaker than me who can climb higher. And so, Sweet Mask stood in the same position, making it impossible for anyone to reach the # 1 position and climb to A rank.

All three disciples of Atomic Samurai, Class A Iaian, Class 3 Okamaitachi, Class A and Bushidrill at Class 4 are not weak at all. They have the same power as low-level S heroes, but having to fight 1-on-1 with people like Sweet Mask is really too difficult for them.

At the official comparison scale, a hero of class S or 10 heroes of level A can destroy the threat of level Demon. At this level, monsters capable of devastating a large city, they can easily smash buildings or even destroy buildings completely. Even some of them can smash a series of large cascading facilities in just one attack.

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All three disciples of the Atomic Samurai were not too bad, but with their power, confronting the Demon-class monsters seemed to make them helpless. But with Sweet Mask, he proves to be an assertion that the Demon-class monster, such as Do-S, is not something for him. He can resist the monster’s hypnosis and kill Do-S without any hesitation or difficulty.

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In the original comic version of ONE, even Sweet Mask shows its superiority even when it can withstand the attacks of Dragon-level monsters – Fuhrer Ugly. He did not suffer any significant damage, even when confronted with what he felt most frightened – ugly monsters made him paralyzed.

In addition, he is able to withstand two other Dragon-class monsters, Black Sperm, and Evil Natural Water. When soloing 1v1 with Black Sperm, the “sweet mask” still retains some of its initiatives. He only lost when Evil Natural Water got into the game. It should be known that the Atomic Samurai – an S rank 4 hero also broke Black Sperm’s defensive posture, and Genos, Saitama’s disciple, lost his face. This proves that more clearly, the ability of Sweet Mask can completely be in the top of the rankings if he is willing to level up.


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