Kill Monsters With Just One Attack But Why is One Punch Man So Balanced And Attractive?

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The key to the appeal of One Punch Man is that characters are perfectly balanced in terms of ability and have a very good arrangement.

So far, Saitama’s power, also known as One-Punch Man, is still a mystery that no one can explain. With a simple punch, the bald head can completely destroy any enemy easily. Because of that, most of the land in the story is for other heroes and monsters show strength, and once Saitama hits it, it means … Endgame.

But with Saitama always too strong compared to the rest, it would be difficult for readers to visualize and measure the power of the rest of the characters. However, ONE author can do it quite skillfully and reasonably. How is this done?

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Basically, One Punch Man is one of the most popular and balanced manga works on the upgrade and ceiling of each character’s power. Comparing it with many other mangas, the most comparable piece for this work is My Hero Academia and is definitely more balanced than the entire Dragon Ball section.

What makes One Punch Man so balanced is that Saitama … is so aggressive, no one can defeat him. All readers know that Saitama can defeat anyone who only needs a punch, so once he joins the battle everything will end quickly. However, if he is not there, the battle will increase a lot of stress. One of the most memorable and obvious battles of this is the battle with the Deep Sea King – Deep Sea King.

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When the monster Deep Sea King arrives, he “makes” two class A heroes, Stinger and Lighting Max, very easy. Of course, the high-ranking opponent will have the next player, and the next two are S-Puri Puri Prisoner, S-level hero, who goes to Sonic, one of the strongest heroic antagonists. However, life was not like a dream, Puri Puri was beaten “sold alive and dead”, and Sonic was forced to withdraw from the battle to find gear against him.

At this point, the Deep Sea King continued to destroy several other heroes before encountering Genos later. Even though he was a match, a small accident caused Genos to become weak and completely defeated by the monster. However, this clearly demonstrates the potential of Deep Sea King’s potential compared to where the S-rank heroes are.

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After marking the clearly defined power of the Deep Sea King, this is the time when Saitama appears to decide the battle. He doesn’t need to do too much, destroy the monster quickly and keep going.

It can be said that author ONE has done a great job of dealing with stories in the story and distinguishes Saitama’s strength from the rest. Saitama points out the final blow after all the other heroes have the chance to try and become the star of that battle. This is not the way other works can do, but this has made a unique One Punch Man, an exciting and unique adventure when the main character is a guy. never lose but also very … reasonable with the script.

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