The ill-Fated Monsters Are Defeated Under Saitama’s Fist

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Perhaps we are too familiar with the character of the Saint Saitama in the OnePunch Man series. Not only does he possess the power of aggression, but this guy also makes us unable to “stop laughing” with his funny naive details. Let’s face the faces of the ill-fated monsters defeated under Saitama’s fist.

1. Vaccine – Man

This is the first victim of the Holy Ghost in the series. Appearing after a big explosion, Vaccine – Man possesses the same appearance as Piccolo in Dragon Ball with 2 long snail-eyed beards. Self-proclaimed Embodiment from the wrath of Mother Earth, Vaccine – Man said he was created from human-caused pollution, born with the task of destroying humanity.

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2.Fukegao and Marugori

In Chapter 3, the inventor “old man” Fukegao invented a supreme powerhouse Biceps King and gave it to his brother, Marugori “cow cake”. The effect far surpassed Fukegao’s expectations, Marugori suddenly turned into a sinewy giant, possessing the power to “destroy the city with just one blow.” 2 brothers gave themselves the title of “the smartest and healthiest couple” However, the highlight of this couple in the story is not power or intellect, but a situation that cannot be funnier when Marugori’s “cow cake” brother accidentally “behaves” his older brother “old man” Fukegao like beating a mosquito.

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4. Mosquito Girl

Judged by the danger level of the Devil, Mosquito Girl and her mosquito herd have caused chaos all over the world. Although it can be “sold out” to Genos, Mosquito Girl is quickly defeated by Saitama with “one ear”. But Saitama does not seem to be the kind of superhero who knows “spoiled merchants”.

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5. Beast King

In chapters 7 and 8, Saitama and Genos were surprised by a group of monsters including mantis, slugs, frogs, mole, monkey, and lion King Beast. And Beast King is the first victim to enjoy the “punching” technique of the Holy Puffer.

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6. Carnage Kabuto

Considered to be the most terrible monster of the “New Age House”, Kabuto Carnage possesses a cruel character to the point of Dr. Genus Clone had to lock him down to the deepest level of the building. He was so “terrible” that he defeated Genos in just one punch. After defeating Genos and seeing Saitama’s trivial appearance, Carnage Kabuto showed disdain. However, after only one move, this monster had to reevaluate when he realized the “terrible” of the Holy Puff. Instinct urges him to run away if he wants the whole network.

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But Kabuto’s Carnage is not trivial, in order to defeat Saitama, he has made 100 fortifications and become a form of Asura Mode with an aggressive battle that will last for a week. However, this is still not enough, the only thing Saitama is concerned about is the special discount day.

7. Deep Sea King

Dubbed the king of the deep sea, he ruled the seabed and all creatures under the blue sea. Deep Sea King is so strong that the superhero The prison mother cannot defeat even in the worst state. Even Sonic, must be helpless before his supernatural speed. Opposite to the Ultimate Sea King Ultimate version, Genos is also motivated by his acid saliva. In the end, it is necessary to rely on Saitama’s hand to be able to “win” this monster.

In the end, I still have to “urge” him before the Saitama

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7.Lord Boros

Dubbed the lord of the galaxy, the leader of the “dark matter” gangster, Boros is probably the strongest villain in the series from the beginning to the present. Legend has it that Boros has been wandering the universe for the past 20 years, destroying many planets just to find out who has the power to fight back. And finally, right on Earth, Boros met the “rival” of his life, the Saitama Holy Ball. This is probably the most expensive battle for Saitama and he must say “you are strong”.

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The mystery of Boros’s power lies in being born on a planet with a harsh environment, Boros’s species possesses the most powerful resilience in the universe. He was so strong that he “flew” Saitama to the Moon, the only person who could force the Saint to use the “continuous punching” technique and the “Super Serious”. This is also the way to defeat Boros. Despite losing the battle, Boros admired the ambush because he knew that, during the match, Saitama still retained a part of his strength while he developed all his talents. That proves, our Holy Saint is really “too charismatic”.

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