Who Are The Top Ranked People In The One Punch Man World?

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These heroes are all very strong and can “level up”, but they still remain first-class for many different reasons.

One Punch Man is currently one of the most popular anime-manga at the moment, so it is no surprise that Saitama’s famous name “Saint” is a lot of people known. With just a punch, up to this point, he could take down all the villains that had appeared in the story so far.

Besides the bald guy, the story of One Punch Man is no shortage of other “superheroes” from the hero association. They are as powerful as Saitama’s main character and of course, the fans’ love for them is not bad at all.

In Saitama’s world, heroes are ranked according to classes C, B, A and the highest is S. In these classes, heroes will be categorized into numbers from small to large, the smaller the number, the more strong, especially the 1st position holders. Normally, these people have enough resources to go to higher levels (except S rank which is already the highest), but they all have personal reasons. different and choose first in that rank instead of leveling up. And let’s take a look at these names.

The first in class C is the hero Mumen Rider. This is a hero that appears at the beginning of the series. In terms of strength, this guy is quite strong compared to the general level of class C heroes and even able to get to class B.

However, Mumen Rider’s problem was that he was too passionate about justice. Therefore, he is willing to confront much stronger monsters or criminals. That is also the reason why he did not want to rank B – feeling that he is not really strong enough. Interestingly, Mumen Rider is one of the rare people to realize the rare power of Saitama even though they only met each other several times in the early stages.

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The number 1 position in class B is Fubuki, also known as Snow Storm Hell. She is also the younger sister of the number 2 hero S, Tatsumaki. Both have superhuman energy and use the same spiritual power, but Fubuki is much weaker than Tatsumaki. Fubuki herself is aware of this and calls her sister a true monster.

However, Fubuki is not weak at her B level, she is even stronger than some A-rank heroes. Genos, a student of Saitama, an S-rank hero has also recorded the ability of Fubuki.

However, Fubuki did not promote from class B to class A for many reasons. Although she is quite intelligent and her potential is not bad, her psychology is unstable when she is worried and easily discouraged when she thinks of her older sister Tatsumaki. As a top B hero, she can build a force of her own, including B-ranked heroes below her and hope to use her number to defeat “quality” like Tatsumaki. If any B-rank hero dares to refuse Fubuki, she will be willing to fight for that person to survive.

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The leader of class A is Sweet Mask – Sweet mask. Not just a hero, this guy is even a celebrity while being an actor and singer and a model in showbiz. He is also the face of the heroic association and possesses relative power when officials contact him to bring Genos to S rank and Saitama to rank B.

Like the rest of the list, the power of Sweet Mask is superior to those of the same level. He has the strength to fight against Dragon-level monsters but decides not to rank up because he wants to block weak people who can climb to S rank.

According to Fubuki, Sweet Mask is also the reason she did not want to climb A rank. All three disciples of the Atomic Samurai could not get to S rank because they were “blocked” by Sweet Mask. As for Fubuki, as long as the Sweet Mask is there, she does not believe that she is able to climb up to the # 1 position in A rank and defeat him.

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The number 1 ranked S is Blast, who never showed up in the original story of ONE author. He is the first and most powerful superhero ever to appear in history (if not considering Saitama). His most memorable victory was the defeat of the Elder Centipede two years ago. However, he did not kill it and let it escape.

Even so, the value of Blast in the Hero Association is still very high. Sitch, one of the board members of the hero association, has great faith in Blast and claims that whenever humanity needs help, Blast will officially appear. In addition, thanks to the impact of Blast, Tatsumaki becomes a hero like at the present time.

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